light and open.

Every spring.. okay, let's face it, every weekend practically... I get the urge to deep clean my apartment. To simplify my belongings and make my apartment reflect my desired mental state. And every spring, er, every weekend I have a perfectly arranged, spotless apartment. . . but I'm just as scatter brained as always. Oh well. I love the light in this Swedish apartment and its calm, open aired feel. Someday, right? x0x0.


grace for the taking.

This weekend I learned a lot about grace: both giving it and receiving it. I got into a bit of trouble on Friday night when I spoke without thinking, but as always, M was there to forgive and forget. I'm always surprised as his ability to show me grace, even when I know I must try his patience. Despite my foot in mouth moment, this weekend I practiced truly LISTENING. One friend is considering a career change, another has taken on a lot of responsibility for his family and another is dealing with a difficult pregnancy. I wanted through listening to pass on the grace I receive daily, often from unlikely sources. I'm so thankful for my friends for showing me unconditional love and for reminding me that I'm human. x0x0.



1 CT. T.W. Baguette Diamond Channel Band in 14K White Gold - <span class=1/3 CT. T.W. Diamond Double Row Anniversary Band in 14K White Gold - <span class=

Lately I've been loving simple band engagement rings instead of rocks so big you have to avoid snagging them on everything. The last two are reasonably priced yet still look extremely classy.