forever friends.

Today my 86 year old grandpa buried his best friend and cousin Wes. They were friends for over 80 years. Here's a story my grandpa told about their childhood together:

"One day Wes and I were in the yard wrestling. My mom was watching us and decided we were getting a little too rough with each other. So she sent me to my room and told Wes to walk home. I went to my room and opened up my window. I called to Wes and he came over to the window. I said, 'Wes, go on down to the barn and get a rope and my horse.' You see, our house was on a bit of a slope and so my window was only about 20 feet off of the ground. Wes came back with my horse and the rope. I tied the rope to my bed post and used it to climb down to my horse. Wes grabbed my hand, jumped on the horse's back with me and together we rode off into the sunset."


I'm currently in Iowa with my parents. As I do every time I visit my family, today I added to my long list of Iowa-isms:

1. Funeral fare must include "maidrites", ham sandwiches (with butter, not mayo) and a variety of fruit studded jello salads. (A helpful tip: when it comes to jello salads, always choose green over red.)

2. Iowans will use every opportunity to refer to Iowa as "God's country." For example: "So glad you've returned to God's country" -- to my parents. Or, "Are you enjoying your visit to God's country?" -- to me.

3. Any gathering will be predominately white.

4. The Friday night hot spot in my parent's town is always the most recently opened ethnic restaurant in town -- don't worry, nothing will be even remotely spicy.

5. When visiting a relative in a small town -- it's safe to assume that you are somehow related to half the people living there.

6. Iowans are the some most friendly people out there -- and they give really great hugs.


happy weekend.

This weekend I'm going home for a funeral. (Despite the sadness of the occasion, I'm still a little excited for the mini-road trip and the chance to relax at my parent's home). Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are.

color therapy.

Need some color in your life? Check out the merchandise at Purl ... the colorful selection is sure to brighten your day.

bohemian style.

Aren't these bohemian rooms fun? Normally I'm drawn towards calm, clean lines ... but there's something invigorating about these spaces. Sometimes over-the-top decor provides the perfect amount of drama.


the glass essay.

Perhaps the hardest thing about losing a lover is
to watch the year repeat its days.
It is as if I could dip my hand down

into time and scoop up
blue and green lozenges of April heat
a year ago in another country.

I can feel that other day running underneath this one
like an old videotape

paris state of mind.

I just finished reading "The Sweet Life in Paris" by David Lebovitz and it's put me in such a Paris state of mind. I've read just about every memoir there is about France:

but I can't seem to get enough! Even though Spanish is my second language a small part of me longs to master French too. Maybe it's the quintessential Paris style or the macarons -- either way I want a piece of the French lifestyle.

engagement photos.

Isn't this engagement photo shoot incredible? Sloan Photographers, a husband and wife duo out of Phoenix, took these lovely photos.

japanese textiles.

I'm loving these textiles created by Japanese designers naniIRO and Kazuyou Nomura. They're so light and airy. The second textile set will be part of IKEA's Spring 2010 line. Look for it in stores soon. xo.



I met a new friend for dinner tonight. While I was waiting for her to arrive I ran into an old friend that I hadn't seen in a while. Aren't friends the absolute best? Who else would we tell our secrets to or take with us on our adventures?


holi: festival of colors.

These photos are of the Hindu celebration Holi, the Festival of Colors. During the festival people throw colorful powders, paint and water on each other to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. I so want in on this tradition. xo.

summer gathering.

Please note: I'm craving summer like a pregnant woman craves weird food combinations. It's that bad. Alright then, you've been warned. Feast your eyes on this lovely wedding.

Trust me, it's still 20 degrees outside and snowing -- I had you fooled didn't I? I love everything about this wedding scene but I especially love the quilts, mismatched place settings and the vintage yellow office chair.

watercolor design.

Sally Haysom, a UK based watercolor artist created these lovely graphics for a product label, editorial page and t-shirt design. Isn't it interesting how the same medium can be used in many different ways?


bookshelf upgrade.

This installation of over 4000 books by Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof is just plain stunning. I could stare at the color gradation all day long. xo.

such pretty dresses.

Sigh. I've always loved a good vintage wedding dress. So much so that I once bought one for $0.40 from a thrift store. I wonder where that went. . .

jb + rl = true love.

This month's Vogue cover shoot of Jessica Biel is a winner. I love the Americana style, faded denim and practical application of pieces from the Ralph Lauren Collection.

Want the look? Here are some ideas from the Ruehl No. 9 Label.

geometric prints.

I'm so drawn to these vibrant geometric prints, especially the last one -- a beautiful tapestry.