photo story.

Meet my dad. It's his birthday today. (His 51st I believe, although my lips are sealed if anyone asks.) These pictures were taken last Father's Day as he opened his gifts...

The card is always the sappy part.

Isn't he handsome?

Now the laughter sets in...

A little more laughter...

And even MORE laughter...

And reflection.

Isn't my dad great? I'm so proud to have him as my father. He has taught me a lot of things throughout my life but here are some standard dad rules:

1. If you have any sort of car problems, take it to Ed.
2. You're never too old to change your job, location or outlook.
3. Always be prepared for some sort of plumbing problem, especially on a holiday.
4. It really is all about grace.
5. Elephants do fly.

Happy Birthday, daddy!

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