before + after.

Don't you just love the black walls in this home office? For some reason it makes the space feel brighter instead of darker.

Of course, if you're not prepared to paint an entire room black, why not repaint an old table instead?

It might even become quite functional in the process. xo.


  1. is that some sort of paint that functions like a chalk board?? someone at work told me about some "wall paper" that you can write on like a white board, but i like the look of the chalk so much better.
    I just watched 500 days of summer last night, and the guy has a whole wall that's a chalk board, and he draws a cityscape on it. i want.

  2. yes! it's definitely chalk board paint. and yes, I'm also jealous of his chalk board wall in 500 days of summer. I want a whole entire kitchen painted in chalk board paint -- so that I could always write grocery lists, menus and cute notes on my walls.