forever friends.

Today my 86 year old grandpa buried his best friend and cousin Wes. They were friends for over 80 years. Here's a story my grandpa told about their childhood together:

"One day Wes and I were in the yard wrestling. My mom was watching us and decided we were getting a little too rough with each other. So she sent me to my room and told Wes to walk home. I went to my room and opened up my window. I called to Wes and he came over to the window. I said, 'Wes, go on down to the barn and get a rope and my horse.' You see, our house was on a bit of a slope and so my window was only about 20 feet off of the ground. Wes came back with my horse and the rope. I tied the rope to my bed post and used it to climb down to my horse. Wes grabbed my hand, jumped on the horse's back with me and together we rode off into the sunset."

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