cafe gratitude.

i'm loving everything about this vegan, organic restaurant Cafe Gratitude. Everything is green and sustainable -- and they include this note on their menu.

lately i've been thinking a lot about how what we eat affects how we feel, the environment and our understanding of what it means to be a good steward of our resources. i've been eating a 90% vegan diet for the last two months and feel better than ever. i started becoming interested in a vegan lifestyle after my mother was re-diagnosed with breast cancer in January. i'm finding that being vegan is incredibly easy to do and gives me a sense of connectedness that i've never had in terms of eating. i've been buying groceries at Common Ground... a place where people ask questions about where their food has come from and how to prepare the bulk ingredients they buy there. it feels great knowing that no animal has been harmed to put food on my table . . . and i feel good knowing that i'm doing everything i can do to keep the breast cancer in my family at bay. x0x0.

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