quilts and home.

I stumbled upon these quilts through the blog Make It Do, a collection of craft ideas, easy home fixes and of course, quilting ideas. On Monday I interviewed for a position I really wanted. Monday night I went to happy hour with m, his brother and his friend and then cooked them dinner at home (taco pizza on pitas, easy peasy). Even though they'd all reassured me about my interview and told me I'd be great for the job, what made me most happy was to hear the guys compliment me on dinner and thank me for my hospitality. These quilts remind me of the delicate art of homemaking. I grew up in a home where convenience foods were the norm and my mom worked just as much if not more than my dad. I used to dream of a wearing fancy suits to a high powered job . . . but lately I've been dreaming of taking my kids on summery walks at dusk, cooking for twenty at weekend dinner parties and maintaining a home that is welcoming to all. It doesn't mean that I can't have both, the job and the homemaker lifestyle. . . it just means that I'm starting to understand the meaning of home and wanting to give that warmth to others. xo.

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