changes (for the best).

Things are changing. And I so totally do not do change. Lord help everyone around me when I'm going through a transition! I'm starting a new job on Monday. A consistent, fancy, comes with benefits job at the Children's Discovery Museum. I'll be planning all of their community and fundraising events and trying to maintain my sanity all the while. I'm terribly excited. I worked my last day as an interpreter yesterday and nothing felt better then walking out of the health department for the last time. I've been hoping for a career change for some time and things are finally falling into place! I'm so happy to have four days off before I start -- to have time to digest the change before jumping in, the Devil Wears Prada style. Here are some things I'm looking forward to in the next few months:

Power Suit (metallic)

The planner I ordered last week. I'm praying it'll arrive before I start. I love crisp white pages, just waiting to be filled in. Office supplies remind me of the feeling I used to get when going back to school: full of hope and potential.

The vacation M and I have planned for our anniversary. M makes me laugh every. single. day. and nugs me all night long. I love our life together and am excited to get away for a while.

The fact that my new job will allow me to save more money and yet still have extra funds for my growing shoe collection.

That the dog days of summer are upon us ... meaning fall is just around the corner. I can't wait for skinny jeans tucked into boots, chai lattes and cool nights.

Here's to new jobs, to change (even when it's scary) and to all of the things that make life worth living. xoxo.

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