from M, with love.

by genevieve bjargardottir

On Friday night M and I had friends over for dinner (chicken and shrimp on the grill, sweet corn, roasted red potatoes & onions and a spinach salad) and for whatever reason the men got to talking about what it takes to woo a girl. Katie asked me if M had ever brought me flowers (no) or had taken care of me when hungover (definitely no). The thing is, I may never get flowers from M or over-the-top date nights or rides in a fancy car. But M will always rub my feet after a day in 3-inch heels. M will always tell me I'm beautiful, even when I look a hott mess. M will always brag about my cooking to his coworkers. M will always help me calm down after a rough day at work and give me perspective when I can't seem to find it. M may not think to buy me random presents, but M will always call me to ask me what I need from the store before coming home and he'll always murmur "i love you's" when he's half asleep. And really, I'll take that over flowers any day. xo.

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