for tommy.

This is Tommy. Tommy is M's youngest brother. He has down syndrome and is non-verbal. He is also one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He is always smiling, especially with his eyes and he always takes my side over M's. The first day I met Tommy, M was teasing me about something or another and Tommy wagged his finger at M and said, "NO!" Tommy takes care of his pets, Spot (a super energetic English Springer Spaniel) and Norah (a striped grey cat). He lent me a sweatshirt last night when I was cold. Tommy bought me some homemade chex mix from the cafe that he goes to with his parents, then gave me a wide-eyed surprised expression when I showed him how fast I'd downed the bag. Tommy is the best person to go grocery shopping with (besides M that is). He pushes the cart, picks out good cantaloupes and lets out an exasperated sigh when he finally finds the peanut butter aisle. Tommy loves pictures; his bedroom walls are covered with pictures of his favorite people. Tommy loves NCIS and has the same Kermit stuffed animal I did when I was little. Tommy loves pizza and chicken nuggets. He thinks his big brothers are the coolest people on earth, but he's just as welcoming to new friends like me. Tommy is visiting us this week and I couldn't be happier about it. xoxo.

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