fleur de sel.

As it turns out, I'm having trouble staying away. And, as it turns out, figuring things out is slightly overrated. Something that's not overrated: fleur de sel sea salt. Dorie swears by it and David's a fan. I'm sure there are the doubters among you who think: 20 bucks for some salt? You see, fleur de sel sea salt is a whole different story:

"Fleur de Sel is an all-natural sea salt from Guerande in Brittany France. Unprocessed, unrefined, unadulterated. This salt is unlike any you've ever tasted, more like a condiment than a spice, it highlights food flavors and is never too salty, in fact it is almost impossible to overdo it. That is the simple and delicious truth. In Brittany near the town of Guerande are marshes and low lying areas suitable for salt fields. There is a mini climate that is much milder that the rest of Brittany. The currents of the Atlantic run cleaner there than many salt harvesting locations. This confluence of nature makes for an ideal area for a salt farm region."

This salt would be perfect sprinkled over tomatoes with olive oil:

Or paired with Valrhona chocolate in Dorie's tried and true World Peace Cookies:

Or you could sprinkle it on top of these bite sized truffles from The Pioneer Woman:

The possibilities are pretty much endless. As it turns out, nothing is ever going to be entirely figured out and nothing is for sure, except maybe for the fact that I'm the kind of person who thinks about sea salt. And I'm okay with that. ("Don't compromise yourself, you're all you've got" -- Thanks Janis Joplin).

Want to hear more about fleur de sel's many uses? Listen to this NPR broadcast.

(Photo 1 via Amazon); (Photo 2 via Smitten Kitchen); (Photo 3 via Smitten Kitchen); (Photo 4 via The Pioneer Woman).

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