I just had to interrupt the weekend goings-on to write a brief post about sisters. Specifically, my sisters. They're just the best! Two weeks ago my older sister knew I was feeling down and sent me gift cards to two of my favorite places: Starbucks and Target. Last night I texted my younger sister about feeling blah (about the weather, my life's direction, feeling tired at work...silly things really) and I came home to find that she'd left a pot of tulips and a card in my apartment! Now I have my own little desk companion. I swear, sisters make everything better. A thank you to all of my sisters and sister-friends. xo.

(Photos via Sabino.)


  1. you're welcome :) and thank you for the post!

    p.s. i love that first picture!

  2. you are clearly the girl with the huge white coat in the first picture. : ) and libby can be the one with the obnoxious bow... leaving me to be the one on the left!