literary confessions.

I have a confession to make. I'd been doing really good -- reading intellectual books, memoirs, nonfiction. But then I slipped. One day I checked out the newest Mary Kay Andrews book from the library and since then I've been tearing through her books like a starved person attacks a loaf of bread. And they're good. Really really good. Plus, as it turns out, Mary Kay Andrews is like Martha Stewart meets Candace Bushnell. She knows her stuff but she's got a bit of a mouth on her too.

And then! Then I discovered that she is a fan of and friend to Eddie Ross. That's when I knew I'd lost it. Here's what Mary Kay Andrews had to say about Eddie Ross:

"We all knew an Eddie Ross in grade school. He's that campy cut-up in the back row of the class picture, the one whose mother dressed him a little too twee--bowties and hair gel. He's the first kid you ever realized was gay--and you didn't care because he was so much fun. Little Eddie grew up and eventually traded in his Easy-Bake oven for a career as a caterer before he came to Martha's attention and became the it-boy of design blogland---and Bravo TV."

Great, right? I guess what I meant to say when I started this post, is that reading Mary Kay Andrews has made me crave warm weather, southern hospitality and good design:

Don't you just want to curl up on one of those couches and read a good book? xo.

(Photos of books via Mary Kay Andrews); (Photo 2 via Eddie Ross); (Photos 3, 4 and 5 via Cote de Texas).

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