v-day for the single ladies.

I was just told that I'd have no material to blog about after Valentine's day. Point taken. I've posted a LOT about the "big day" so I promise this will be the last time! Valentine's Day for people in a relationship is another chance to have a fun night out and exchange cute presents...but what does that leave for the single ladies? Helpful hints for V-day:

Buy yourself flowers, nothing looks prettier or serves as a better reminder of spring:

Live it up, be as girlie as you choose to be:

Indulge a little:

Or a lot:

That's pistachio gelato ya'll. Doesn't it look amazing? xo.

(Photo 1 via Coco + Kelly); (Photo 2 via Design*Sponge); (Photo 3 via Peacock Feathers); (Photos 4 and 5 via David Lebovitz).

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