ikea trip.

This weekend I'll be going to Ikea -- I'm desperately in need of a new couch (the couch I have now was my parents' first couch and one of the legs is continually falling off -- much to the surprise of unsuspecting guests). I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to these two:



Although....there's always this beauty from Rowe too. It's a balance of the traditional and modern looks:

No matter which couch I choose, I'd love to put this rug under it:

It may be a while before I actually make a purchase, it's a big deal you know? ... but this weekend I'm definitely going to take measurements and test drive some couches for comfort. xo.

(Photo 1 via Ikea); (Photo 2 via Ikea); (Photo 3 via Rowe Furniture); (Photo 4 via Ikea).

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