monday design feature.

I recently discovered the fabulous design boards of Mrs. Lilien. Not only does Mrs. Lilien bring together amazing finds under one theme, but she also writes the cutest descriptions about the type of woman who inspired each board. Check out what she has to say about these three design boards.

"This Mrs takes her grocery shopping quite seriously - she leaves the styling house properly dressed - you know, the way she's supposed to be. On a mission since her cupboards are nearly bare - off to the market she goes so lovely and fair."

"Every now and then duty calls and this Mrs must head out and conduct her some business. She'll arrive astutely on time - this business Mrs won't owe you a dime. She's stealth and rather fleeting and she likes to lunch during her business meeting."

"Ships Ahoy! This Mrs is both charismatic and coy. She'll blow you a kiss and woo you with her lashes so blinky - you'll pick her up dockside, hold out your hand, and give her a winky! You'll be gleeful and delighted this Mrs is on board - especially after you taste the drinks she just poured."

Isn't she fabulous? What a fun concept and a great way to share fashion and design loves.

(Photos via Mrs. Lilien.)

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