personal day.

Today I took the day off from work. I only had two appointments so it wasn't too big of a deal . . . plus, losing my voice has actually given me some quality alone time. Good things from today:

1. The hour and 45 minutes of yoga I did with this guy. I always feel so comfy and cozy afterwards.

2. The smoothie I made. The cold felt so good on my throat. Never mind the blue-green juice running down the side of my fridge from when I started blending without the lid secured. Such is life.

3. The silly phone conversations I had with my boss. He kept calling me to ask me questions and have lengthy chats . . . even though I could barely squeak out any answers.

4. Finishing my latest chic-lit novel, thereby making time for more serious reads.

5. The smell of tulips in my apartment.

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